NEW YORK: Times Square

New York Times Square 1
New York Times Square 2 Times Square anchors New York as the city that never sleeps. Most New York tourists have Times Square at the top of their itinerary. This is probably due to the fact that pretty much every movie whose setting is based in New York features Times Square. Even foreign movies with plots whose actors requires traveling to New York always features a shot of the actor in Times Square. Add the fact that it is always seen on TV worldwide during New Years Eve as the time ball gets dropped the same time fireworks goes off in front of a partying big crowd, it is hard to argue that there are any other place that represents New York City more than Times Square.

New York Times Square 3
New York Times Square 4 Seeing Times Square for the first time was an amazing feeling. It made us feel like we were in the middle of all the movies we saw that featured Times Square. We started recalling movie scenes as we browse through the collection of architectures and large screens.

New York Times Square 5Once we have passed the feeling of awe and no longer star-struck by the buildings we used to see only on movies and television, we then realized that we were not in a fantasy world but just in a part of reality and way of living most New Yorkers are in.
New York Times Square 6
We started observing the crazy traffic going on around the area. The public commuters walking quickly to get to work on time. The bike messengers zapping between pedestrians. The sidewalk and ticket vendors trying to lure tourists to buy merchandise and discounted tickets to attractions and open-top, hop-on hop-off buses.
New York Times Square 7
We stayed in Candlewood Suites when we were there and we took an afternoon nap after we checked in. There was construction in front of the hotel but they were nice enough to put us in a higher floor so the construction noise was almost muted.

New York Times Square 8 Nighttime in Times Square is completely different compared to daytime Times Square. Traffic was not that bad. Most of the people who are out are now tourists or locals hanging out for a good time instead of work. We saw less of those bike messengers. Not much vendors out other than Broadway show ticket vendors. The place felt a lot more touristy compared to the feeling it gave us at night.

New York Times Square 9
The bright neon lights and the big screens are now more beautiful since the sun is no longer over-powering the lights they emit. The view is more breath-taking and it definitely have a romantic feel to it. Experiencing Times Square at nighttime definitely made us feel like New York is the city that never sleeps.

New York Times Square 11
We saw that big screen behind... A cool photo op!

New York Times Square 12
We're in that big screen somewhere...
Right in the middle of this photo =)

New York Times Square 13
You see us now? ...You still can't?

New York Times Square 14
There we are! =)

New York Times Square 15
You see that Harry Potter Exhibition poster?
...We went there too! More of it on a later post
New York Times Square 16