If you only have a few hours to travel in Singapore, we believe that Marina Bay is the best place to visit. Most of the Singapore icons can be seen here and they are also just in about a mile radius.

Singapore Marina Bay Merlion Marina Sands
The Merlion is Singapore's national icon. It is a half-lion, half-fish figure and the term Merlion is coined from the words mermaid and lion. This Merlion statue in Marina Bay is the original Merlion statue but it is not the largest. The largest one is located in Sentosa and it is four times bigger than this one. More details on that statue on later posts.

Singapore Marina Bay Merlion
The Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, is an amazing architecture. Most locals calls it the Durian due to its resemblance to the fruit. It is often compared to the famous architectural icon in Australia thus some people calls it Asia's version of the Sydney Opera House.

Singapore Marina Bay Esplanade

Singapore Marina Bay Esplanade Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. Next to it is the Star of Nanchang in China and the London Eye in the UK. London Eye is the oldest and arguably the most popular of the three thus some people calls the Singapore Flyer as the Eye of Singapore or Singapore Eye.

Singapore Marina Bay Singapore Flyer
The Marina Bay Sands was already open when we visited Singapore back in September 2010 but we were informed that there were still a lot of constructions going on inside. Still, just the building itself from the outside was already quite a site to look at.

 Singapore Marina Bay Marina Sands