SINGAPORE: Sentosa Island

Perhaps 50% of Singapore's tourist attractions are in Sentosa. We have 2 days scheduled in our itinerary for touring Sentosa and just as we were expecting, 2 days is are just not enough because you need to spend at least a day on Universal Studios Singapore which we did.

It was a Monday when we went to Sentosa and we rode the Sentosa Express to get there. We went to our hotel first, the Siloso Beach Resort, to leave our bags in the concierge and then we took a cab to get to Universal Studios. We will talk about our Universal Studios Singapore day on a later post.

Singapore Sentosa Siloso Beach Resort
Breakfast at Siloso Beach Resort
We started the next day with a real nice breakfast from the resort/hotel. Siloso Beach Resort's rooms aren't that big, actually they feel a bit cramped. We weren't too happy the night we came in tired from a day in a theme park when we saw the room. But the breakfast really made up for it.

We stroll around the beach to burn off the calories from breakfast and saw signs and ads for the dozens of attractions around the island. There's a Megazip Line, Luge, Skyride, Wave House, some museums and all other attractions spread across the island.

Singapore Sentosa Siloso Beach
Siloso Beach
The first attraction we visited was Underwater World. It was nothing special but not bad either. Just a nice place to relax and view all sorts of marine life and watch a simple yet refreshing dolphin show.

Singapore Sentosa Underwater World Singapore
Singapore Sentosa Underwater World Singapore
Entrance to Underwater World Singapore

Singapore Sentosa Underwater World Singapore
Underwater World aquarium tunnel
We can't decide where to have lunch until someone suggests to us to just ride back to the main island and go to Vivo City's food court. Again, the lunch was great too. By this time, we're starting to think that this is the country for foodies.

After lunch was Merlion Walk. The huge Merlion statue is a replica of the original one in Marina Bay. It has a mini-museum and a small theater inside where you get to watch a short movie of a tale about the origins of the Merlion and Singapore. And after the movie, you get to go up to the observation decks located in the mouth and the head of the Merlion. The sad story we had in this tour is that our camera ran out of battery so we ended up paying for a photographer and also just used our phone's low-quality camera. The photo cost 10sgd.

Singapore Sentosa Merlion
Photo that we paid for from photographer.
We scanned it for you guys to view it ;)
Singapore Sentosa Merlion Mouth
@ Merlion's mouth. Low-quality phone camera
Singapore Sentosa Merlion Head
@ Merlion's head. Low-quality phone camera

We were on our way back to the hotel when we saw the Segway Tour office. We decided to go ahead and give it a try as well. It was really nothing special as you just ride around the beach but we still enjoyed it since it was the first time we rode a Segway.

Singapore Sentosa Segway at Tanjong Beach
Segway at Tanjong Beach
Singapore Sentosa Segway at Tanjong Beach