SINGAPORE: Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo
Entrance to Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo is the largest zoo we have ever been in. It is also the most animal-friendly zoo we have visited. Compared to other zoos in Asia where the animals are cramped into little cages and enclosure, Singapore Zoo has done a good job of creating huge, made-up natural habitats for the animals. The only drawback of this is that sometimes, you can hardly see the animals because they are hiding somewhere in their huge enclosures, or they are too far for you to see them in detail.

Singapore Zoo White Tiger
Looking at White Tiger from afar
If you go here in the summer time, it is going to be tough to stay and walk around to be able to see most of the attractions in the zoo. Actually, even if it is not in the summer because Singapore weather is warm, humid and muggy pretty much all year round. Add the fact that you are surrounded with trees and a bunch of animals which makes it even hotter in the zoo. They do offer tram rides that brings you to different areas of the zoo but you still feel the heat even while you're sitting down comfortably in the ride. You have to really really like animals and have enough motivation to bear the heat and be able to go around the whole zoo.

Singapore Zoo Parrots
Might not look like it but those parrots are real
They have a number of shows but we only saw a couple of them since it was really tiring walking around and trying to catch the show times of each show. The first show we saw was called "Elephants at Work & Play". It is basically 4 trained elephants being asked to carry logs, shake their trunks and ears, play dead, and do some poses. At the end of the show, you get to feed them yourselves if you're willing to buy their food.

Singapore Zoo Elephants
Post-show feeding time
The second show we saw was "Splash Safari". It stars penguins, manatees, pelicans, and a trained sea lion. Basically what they do is release them one by one to the aquarium then they feed them so you get to see them swimming. More than half of the show is the sea lion doing tricks and splashing water to get audience nearby a bit wet.

The rest of the attraction are split into different areas with names like Wild Africa, Australian Outback, Reptile Garden, Cat Country, etc. They are pretty much your typical zoo with bigger cages/habitats for animals.

Singapore Zoo Splash Safari Pelican
Pelican on the stage of Splash Safari
Singapore Zoo Splash Safari Sea Lion
Post-show photo op with the sea lion

Singapore Zoo Orang Utan
Free ranging orang utans
Singapore Zoo Kangaroo
Kangaroos in the background
Singapore Zoo Rhino
Rhinos in the shade