CANADA: Clifton Hill

Ontario Canada Clifton Hill Great Canadian Midway
Great Canadian Midway and some neon lights of Clifton Hill
Clifton Hill is the entertainment district that is just steps away from Niagara Falls. It is a very touristy place with a lot of hotels, restaurants and attractions that is sure to attract visitors who is already tired of looking and staring at the Falls the whole day. With all the colorful neon lights that it puts out on display at night, it always attract visitors whether it is a party of young adults craving for some night life adventure, a family with young kids hungry for some fun and games, and couples looking for a nice romantic evening stroll coupled with a dinner date with an amazing view.

Ontario Canada Clifton Hill Dinosaur Adventure Golf
Niagara Skywheel and Dinosaur Adventure Mini Golf
Initially, we were planning to spend a full evening in Clifton Hill so we would be able to enter an attraction or two in the area. However, we had to drive to Toronto in the afternoon so all that was left for us is a couple of hours that night to stroll in the middle of the city of neon lights, which is still not bad. The two most prominent attractions in Clifton Hill that will probably capture everyone's attention are the dinosaur statues in display in the Dinosaur Adventure Mini Golf, and the giant Niagara Skywheel. Both can be seen in the picture to the left.

Ontario Canada Clifton Hill Dinosaur Adventure Golf
A couple of Raptor Statues in Dinosaur Adventure Mini Golf
The Dinosaur Adventure Mini Golf has a ridiculous amount of dinosaur statues on display it can pass as a dinosaur-themed amusement park. Instead of the mini golf course, it could just put a few rides that goes around the dinosaurs like little roller coasters, trains and go-karts. We guess they just stuck with the mini golf attraction since that's what currently trending in the area like the other mini golf attraction Galaxy Golf, which is a glow-in-the-dark 18-hole indoor mini golf course located next to Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

Ontario Canada Clifton Hill Movieland Wax Museum
Wax figures of Angelina Jolie and Brendan Fraser
Clifton Hill has a number of wax museums. We really don't know that history behind the district and if there is any specific reason why it is abundant with wax museum. But going to the same theory we had on the mini golf course, it is possible that it just started with one wax museum and because it became a hit, a number of wax museums followed. The wax museums in Clifton Hill are Movieland: Wax Museum of Stars, Rock Legends Wax Museum, Criminal Hall of Fame Wax Museum and Louis Tussaud's Wax Museum.

Ontario Canada Clifton Hill Movieland Wax Museum
Wax figure of the Joker as portrayed by Heath Ledger
Other prominent museums in Clifton Hill are the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum which is a museum that features odd and weird artifacts found by the flamboyant collector and founder Robert Ripley, and the Guiness World Records Museum. Ripley's also have its 4D Moving Theatre in it, competing with two other similar attractions, the FX Ride Theatre and the Dino Rampage 4D 180° Cinema. The FX Ride Theatre is in the Great Canadian Midway which also houses the Ghost Blasters Dark Ride which is an interactive shoot-em-up ride.

Ontario Canada Clifton Hill Haunted House
The Haunted House
Another Clifton Hill staple are haunted houses. We keep going back to the theory that one business starts an attraction and others follow when it becomes a hit. The haunted houses in Clifton Hill are Screamers House of Horrors, The House of Frankenstein, Dracula's Haunted Castle, The Haunted House, and Nightmares Fear Factory.

Ontario Canada Clifton Hill Niagara Skywheel
Strike! Rock N' Bowl and Skywheel
Ontario Canada Clifton Hill view from Niagara Falls
View of Clifton Hills from Niagara Falls