CANADA: Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto Canada Toronto CN Tower
Toronto CN Tower
When we went to Canada, we were really just planning to see Niagara Falls. Reason behind it is that it was just a weekend trip. There were other places we wanted to see most especially Canada's Wonderland, but since all we had was 2 days, it was impossible to squeeze the popular Canadian Theme Park into our itinerary.

We arrived in Niagara Falls in the afternoon and as was expected, it eventually got dark and we were not able to spend enough time to enjoy and appreciate the Falls. This is why Niagara Falls was really the only main thing in our itinerary when we went to Ontario. We were planning to spend the afternoon of our arrival and the whole of next day, all in Niagara Falls and Clifton Hill, which is basically the city center right next to the falls.

Downtown Toronto Canada Rio Can Hall
Rio Can Hall
As we were driving up from New Jersey to Ontario, phone calls were made and found out that we actually have a distant relative that is now living in Toronto. We were eventually able to get their number in Toronto and next thing we know, Toronto is now included in our itinerary to meet up with them. We really do plan to go there eventually to visit Canada's Wonderland but since opportunity presents itself for us to have a sneak peak of the city, there is no reason for us to pass up on it. Besides, an afternoon and a whole day in Niagara Falls seems a bit too much... Well, it isn't especially if you just want to relax and stare at the falls. But we didn't went there just to relax, we went there to travel. So after factoring all things that needs to be considered, we've settled that the best time to go to Toronto is the afternoon of our second day in Canada.

Downtown Toronto Canada Korean Grill House
Eating at Korean Grill House in Queen St.:
a cook-it-yourself Korean Buffet Restaurant
We got up and went back to the Falls early that day so we can leave early to get to Toronto. We were not sure how traffic is in Canada so we left around 11AM from Niagara Falls on our way to Toronto. We contemplated on stopping on our way to Toronto for lunch but since traffic wasn't bad and we were smoothly sailing the highways, the decision was made that we will have our lunch in Toronto. It turns out to be a really good decision because we found a great Korean Restaurant. It is called Korean Grill House. It is an eat-all-you-can, cook-it-yourself restaurant. Basically, they hand you raw meat and fish and you grill it yourself right in front of your dining table. We ordered the buffet that include beef, pork, chicken, fish fillet and squid. All those for an amazing low price of 8.99cad. Ordering all those ala carte in a non-buffet Korean restaurant in the US would cost you a lot more. And the meat were deliciously marinated as well so we were able to eat a lot.

Downtown Toronto Canada CTV Building Queen Street
CTV Building in Queens St.
Downtown Toronto Canada Toronto CN Tower
Toronto CN Tower at night
We walked around the area after that big lunch. It was much needed to burn the calories that we have gathered after the big meal. Since we were not planning to go to Toronto before our trip, we were unable to do our research so we just made the most out of our stroll of the city by checking out local sites and buying souvenirs. It was overall a great experience and when the time comes for us to go back to Toronto, then we'll know what to expect and especially know where to eat.