SOUTH KOREA: Lotte World

SOUTH KOREA: Lotte World Seoul Lotte World AdventureSeoul Lotte World Magic IslandFrom the outside, this building looks like it's just a typical corporate office. But once you're inside, that's when you realize where you get yourself into. It's a part of a theme park that is inside a building! This is one of the unique features of South Korea's Lotte World. The building is not the theme park itself as more rides, attractions and typical theme park architectures are present at the rear of the building. We haven't really looked into Lotte World's history but we have a feeling that the part of the theme park that is in open air which is at the rear of the building was developed as an extension. We concluded this because it just doesn't make any sense for the castle and the more appealing architectures that brings excitement in going to a theme park is in the rear and not even seen from the park entrance.

Seoul Lotte World Folk Museum
A Korean Castle miniature complete with miniature soldiers inside Lotte World Folk Museum

Seoul Lotte World castle
Castle in Magic Island
Lotte World is divided into three areas, Adventure, Magic Island and Folk Museum. Adventure is basically the building, Magic Island is the open-air part of the park which is at the rear of the building, and Folk Museum is another building that is connected to Adventure.

Even though Lotte World is actually in Seoul which makes it a lot more accessible compared to Everland, Lotte World has less visitors. Other than the fact that Everland has more rides and a lot bigger, our theory is that maybe more people really just prefer being in open-air when they visit a place called a theme park.

Just like Everland, Lotte World is also full of typical rides you can find in a local fair and rides that are obviously trying to copy Disney and Universal. This doesn't mean that you will not enjoy your visit here. For a true theme park lover, this is definitely still worth a visit. For first time theme park goers, there are still a lot of attractions that you can only experience in a theme park.

Here are the rides and attractions we think are worth the time:

Lotte World Folk Museum - yes, one entire area. What's in it you ask? Miniatures and life-size art that depicts Korean culture and architecture. It's not everyday you get to experience history while inside a theme park

Seoul Lotte World Folk Museum
Inside Lotte World Folk Museum

Seoul Lotte World The Adventures of Sindbad
The Adventures of Sindbad - an indoor boat ride trying to imitate the iconic Disney ride Pirates of the Caribbean

Flume Ride - exactly what the names says, but at least this one tried to put props in the ride as an attempt to copy Universal's Jurassic park River Adventure. Everland's Flume Ride didn't even attempt to add color on their Flume Ride

Fantastic Odyssey - a light, water and pyrotechnics show. Something like Disney's Fantasmic or World of Colors you ask? NOT. We really wish we skipped this one, it made us all sleepy and sluggish and all

Desperados - a stationary shoot-em-up ride. Well, not completely stationary since you ride in a seat shaped like a horse and moves like a horse while it sit on its place(kinda like those kiddie mall rides), but you just shoot at a big screen

Seoul Lotte World Atlantis Adventure
Atlantis Adventure - a roller-caster flume ride hybrid, pretty much like SeaWorld's Atlantis ride

The 4-D Theater - we don't know if they play the same movie every time but what they were showing back then was a CGI movie about some random pirate character

Jungle Adventure - an indoor river raft ride with animatronics

Dynamic Theater - pretty much the same description for the 4-D Theater. The movie they were playing then was a simulation walkthough in a pyramid with mummies

Seoul Lotte World Pharaohs FuryPharaoh's Fury - a jeep ride that is trying to be like Disney's Indiana Jones ride from the ride queue and entrance setting to the ride itself

Ghost House - a 3D theater that plays a movie that takes you to a mansion full of ghosts from a cat's point of view

Aeronauts Balloon Ride - mechanical balloon ride that goes around the Adventure section of the park

Seoul Lotte World Aeronauts Balloon Ride
While riding Aeronauts Balloon Ride

Seoul Lotte World Ghost House
Ghost House