FRANCE: Palace of Versailles

Paris France Palace of VersaillesPalace of Versailles, or Château de Versailles, is a place very rich in history. It is one of the most interesting attraction a tourist can visit while in France. It is a well-known land mark not only because of all the historical events that took place here, but also because of the beautiful details and architecture in both the interior and the exterior of the palace. Surrounding the palace is also a huge and stunning gardens that is very well-maintained and has hundreds of detailed sculptures and elegant water fountains.

Paris France Palace of Versailles The Palace of Versailles is just walking distance from the RER station Versailles - Rive Gauche / Château de Versailles. The only line that stop on this station is RER Line C. You have to be careful when you take the train though because amongst all RER Lines, Line C is the most confusing because it branches out a number of times. So make sure you check the schedule before getting on the train and make sure that the train you are about to get on stops in Versailles - Rive Gauche / Château de Versailles.

Paris France Palace of Versailles
Long line to get inside the palace 30 minutes before it opens
Being one of the most visited destinations in France, expect a really really long line if you want to get inside the Palace of Versailles. We got in there at 8:30AM and the Palace does not open until 9:00AM but there is already at least 500 people falling in line to buy tickets to get to the inside of the Palace. Having very limited time, we decided not to go through the headache of getting into that line and just went straight to the gardens.

Paris France Palace of VersaillesWe are not sure how much does it cost to get inside the Palace but entrance to the gardens costs 8.50euros per person. We do think it's worth it for the price however, we feel cheated because the the water fountains were not turned on when we were there. We were really excited to try to capture the beauty of the gardens with its multiple water features but we were so disappointed that none of the fountains were on. Nevertheless, we just got to work with what we have and focus on the positives instead of the negatives.

Paris France Palace of VersaillesThe garden is adorned with a number of nicely shaped plants and trees and it seems like they go on forever from all directions. Even without the water fountains on, the ponds that are scattered all over the gardens are still pretty and gives such a relaxing feel. All of the plants and water features are highlighted by the hundreds of sculptures that brings the whole garden to life. The gardens are really huge that you probably need at least half a day to get through the whole place. You could also rent a golf cart to take it easy on your feet as they will surely feel sore if you travel through the whole garden on foot.

Paris France Palace of VersaillesWe rested a number of times as we tread along the garden until we are satisfied and convinced that we have seen enough. On our way out, we thought of checking out the line to get inside and see if it is any better.

Paris France Palace of VersaillesThe line is now even worse than before and we saw a number of people who already lost patience and decided to just go to the gardens instead. We do not have the time nor patience to wait in line to get to the inside so we decided to just take a picture of the golden gate and the palace and move onto our next destination.