BELGIUM: Mini-Europe and Atomium

Atomium Mini-Europe Brussels Belgium
Mini-Europe and Atomium are probably the two must-see sites in Brussels that are not easily accessible from Grand Place.Because of this, quite a number of visitors decide to skip these two wonderful attractions. Most people would rather stay safe and just see other attractions that are near Brussels' city center than try to navigate their way through the roads or study the train routes to get to see the Atomium and Mini-Europe.

If you happen to stumble upon this website planning your visit to Brussels, Belgium then you are in luck. Just click on our link for the list of popular spots in Brussels and how to get to them by public transportation. This way, you don't have to do guess work on how to get to both Mini-Europe and Atomium, and be sure to visit these places without risking getting lost and wasting more precious vacation times.

Atomium Mini-Europe Brussels BelgiumThe Atomium is one of the most iconic structure in Brussels battling with the Manneken Pis and the buildings of Grand Place. Many people are saying that only if the Atomium is more strategically located near Brussels' city center, surely by now it would have been Brussels' most iconic architecture. You may notice that we do not have any picture of the Atomium in this page. That is because the image of the Atomium is copyrighted an no one can just take a picture of it and put it in a website without asking permission and frankly, it will just be too much of a bother for us.

Atomium Mini-Europe Brussels BelgiumAtomium Mini-Europe Brussels BelgiumMini-Europe, as it's name obviously imply, is a theme park with miniature versions of the most iconic buildings and structures of European countries. It's fascinating to see all these other-wise monstrous structures scaled down to 1:25 ratio. The details on the miniatures are amazing and if you walk around long enough, you would start feeling like a giant. Other than the miniatures, there is also an educational interactive exhibit called Spirit of Europe at the end of the recommended route.