CALIFORNIA: Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame Michael Jackson starNo visit in Los Angeles, California is complete without dropping by the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Next to the Hollywood Sign, these star-embedded slabs of stones as sidewalk steps are the best representation of Hollywood, California.

Before we have actually seen the stars on the Walk of Fame, we thought that all they were are stars with the name of the famous person in it. When we see pictures of the stars or even in the news, we haven't really paid attention to the icon right underneath the name.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Steven Spielberg Halle Berry starWhen we were there, we found out that there are actually five categories of stars. These are the five entertainment industries and each are represented by an icon. Movie stars have a film camera icon, television stars have a television icon, music starts have a record icon, live theater stars have masks icon, and radio stars have microphone icons. We were also told that some celebrities who were known for multiple industries actually have multiple stars, one for each industry they are famous in.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Jackie Chan starThe stars of the Hollywood Walk of Fame are sometimes are as famous and popular as the celebrities themselves. Some big fanatics leave flowers and cards next to the name of the star they worship during their birthdays and anniversaries.

When a celebrity who has a star dies, their names are often covered with cards and flowers as well. Some super fans also maintains and polishes their idols star regularly.

Hollywood TCL Chinese Theatre or Grauman's Chinese TheatreAnother known Hollywood icon that can be seen right in the midst of the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the TCL Chinese Theatre, which is also known as the Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Opened in 1927, the TCL Chinese Theatre or Grauman's Chinese Theatre has been a significant landmark in the movie industry. It has hosted the Academy Awards three times and has been the home for many popular movie's premiere.

Hollywood TCL Chinese Theatre or Grauman's Chinese TheatreOther than its history, the TCL Chinese Theatre or Grauman's Chinese Theatre is perhaps most known for it's unique concrete blocks right in front of it. Each block features a well-known movie stars footprints and handprints, as well as their signature. There are many stories as to how the tradition of setting prints on the concrete started but according to Sid Grauman, he accidentally stepped on soft concrete as the theatre was being built and got the idea from there.

Hollywood Ripley's Believe it or NotSince the Hollywood Walk of Fame and TCL Chinese Theatre are both very well-known tourist attraction, it is no surprise that the buildings nearby are also businesses that cater for the tourists. Some notable nearby attractions are Madame Tussaud's Hollywood, Kodak Theatre, The Hollywood Museum, El Capitan Theatre, and Ripley's Believe it or Not! Hollywood.