CALIFORNIA: SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego ShamuThe city of San Diego is the second most populous city in California, next only to Los Angeles. And just like Los Angeles, San Diego is full of interesting places sure to attract tourist from around the world. From places of historical significance, to relaxing and pristine beaches and nature views, as well as different parks and museum. With a high number of visitors annually, you would expect that one of the known parks will be present in this city. It may not have a Disneyland or a Universal Studios, but it has SeaWorld.

SeaWorld San Diego MantaJust like the theme park giants Disneyland and Universal Studios, SeaWorld also started here in California. The owners' initial plan was to have an underwater restaurant. They bought this land in San Diego thinking this is where they will put their vision into reality. It wasn't really clear why their plan did not come to fruition so they instead build it into a park that eventually because SeaWorld.

SeaWorld San Diego Bayside SkyrideThe major rides and attractions in SeaWorld San Diego is pretty much almost the same as the ones in SeaWorld Orlando. Since we have seen most of them, we decided to deviate from the suggested route in the map and just relaxingly walk around the park.

SeaWorld San Diego Turtle ReefOne of the rides we saw that was not in SeaWorld Orlando is the Bayside Skyride. It is a very tranquil ride. It is basically a cable car ride with the view of the park and the beautiful Mission Bay.

SeaWorld San Diego Shipwreck RapidsAnother attraction that was not present in SeaWorld Orlando when we were there is the Turtle Reef. This is one of the most amazing display you can find in any aquarium. It's so fun to watch the turtles swimming around and watching their journey from their point of view in a big screen on display is pretty interesting as well.

SeaWorld San Diego Pets RuleShipwreck Rapids is your typical raft on rapids ride. It is really nothing special but we did not see it when we were in Orlando as well so we had to ride it here.

SeaWorld San Diego Shamu StoryWhen it comes to the combination of thrilling rides, entertaining shows and informative exhibits, SeaWorld is as perfect as it gets.  It's detail may not be as the same level as Disney and Universal Parks but it still provide entertainment that will surely appear every members of the family.

SeaWorld San Diego Wild Arctic
The other attractions are below:

Pets Rule - similar to Orlando's Pets Ahoy. A show featuring different household pets

Skytower - a rotating platform tower ride that offers great view of Mission Bay and the areas surrounding the park

Manta - a high-speed open-air roller coaster ride

SeaWorld San Diego Journey to AtlantisJourney to Atlantis - a flume ride and roller-coaster hybrid with some special effects

Wild Arctic - a simulation ride that "flies" you around the arctic. After the ride, there is also an arctic environment exhibit with polar bears and beluga whales

Riptide Rescue - a typical "rotating octopus" ride
SeaWorld San Diego Starfish

SeaWorld San Diego World of the Sea

SeaWorld San Diego Aquarium de la Mer