CALIFORNIA: Universal Studios Hollywood

California Universal Studios Hollywood GlobeCalifornia is where the biggest theme parks started, including both Disneyland and Universal Studios. The said two has always been in the middle of the theme park wars, and of course, it all began in the birthplace of the giant theme park franchises: California.

The general consensus from the early stages of the theme park wars is that Disneyland caters primarily the kids and Universal Studios appeals more to young adults. The gap may not be as big as before but this remains mostly true at present times.

California Universal Studios Hollywood Entertainment Capital of LAThe way Universal Studios Hollywood marketed itself is that it is "The Entertainment Capital of LA". This is so true not only because it provides entertainment for all the park visitors, as well as those people at home watching any TV show or movie that were produced in the premises of Universal Studios Hollywood since its huge backlot sets featured in the Studio Tour are all still working sets. In some part of the Studio tour, the tour guide and tram speakers will stay quiet and all participants are asked to stay silent as well since filming is ongoing on the sets that is currently being passed by.

California Universal Studios Hollywood Studio TourThe most current and the most talked about addition to the Backlot Studio Tour is King Kong 360 3-D. We ourselves have deemed it worthy of one of the top 5 theme park rides ever right after it was over. It is a ride like no other. The tram goes through a tunnel and the whole tunnel is like a high definition 3D screen. The visuals are so amazing you have to see it to believe it. A few people even forget that they are wearing 3D glasses because it's so real and they take videos and pictures of King Kong battling the dinosaurs, without realizing that it's all just a 3D movie. We guess they'll realize once they watch the video or look at the pictures.

California Universal Studios Hollywood Entrance ArcCalifornia Universal Studios Hollywood Special Effects StageOther than King Kong 360 3-D, the Studio Tour also showcases some of the most famous sets in the movies and TV shows, as well as some of the actual props used, and a few special effects demos.

Other than the Studio Tour, there are no other main attraction that is unique to Universal Studios Hollywood since it is the original Universal Studios, most of its other attractions are the basis of the rides and attractions in Universal Studios Orlando, Universal Studios Japan, and Universal Studios Singapore.

California Universal Studios Hollywood Revenge of the Mummy The RideThe other major rides and attractions are the following:

Revenge of the Mummy The Ride - a dark indoor roller-coaster ride full of laser, smoke and other special effects. This ride is also in Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Singapore

Shrek 4-D - also in all the other Universal Studios, this 4D ride features our hero Shrek, and his ever-loyal sidekick Donkey, to rescue Fiona from the ghost of Lord Farquaad

California Universal Studios Hollywood The Simpsons Ride KrustylandThe Simpsons Ride - a non-4D roller coaster simulation ride featuring the characters from the TV show

WaterWorld: A Live Sea War Spectacular - a live action show depicting scenes from the movie

California Universal Studios Hollywood Jurassic Park The RideJurassic Park: The Ride - a flume ride full of animatronic dinosaurs with a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex right before the drop

Transformers: The Ride - debuted in Universal Studios Singapore, it's a rotating car ride with a mixture of 3D screens and animatronics

Universal's Animal Actors - a live show featuring different trained animal actors

California Universal Studios Hollywood House of HorrorsUniversal's House of Horrors - a haunted house walk through with monsters that shows up when you least expects it

Special Effects Stage - a semi-educational show that features behind the scenes Hollywood special effects

California Universal Studios Hollywood Neon Sign at exit