PENNSYLVANIA: Kutztown Crystal Cave

USA Pennsylvania Kutztown PA Crystal CaveCrystal Cave - one of the premier tourist attractions in Pennsylvania; this underground wonder is located at 963 Crystal Cave Road, Kutztown, PA, 19530. We went in this famous Crystal Cave around August, but during winter time (December, January, February) it is closed. It usually operates around March 1 to November 30 seven days a week from 9am to 5pm.

USA Pennsylvania Kutztown PA Crystal CaveOur crystal cave tour is divided into two set of activity. The first one is the watching of video presentation in the Crystal Cave theater that is more or less 8-10 minutes. It discusses about how the cave was discovered way back 1871, the history and improvements that followed its discovery and the wonder of its nature formation.

USA Pennsylvania Kutztown PA Crystal CaveAfter the short film, of us who were watching the video was divided into two groups. We were ushered then to the cave led by a tour guide, this is the second part of the tour, the 45minute walk inside the cave. Good thing our tour guide then, based on how he explains the history and science of the cave, is knowledgeable, making the tour more interesting. We also like the lights out part during the tour, it's kinda unique and adds fascination to the place.

USA Pennsylvania Kutztown PA Crystal CaveThe cave may not be as huge as compare to the other cave we've been to (Palawan Underground River) but interesting enough we must say. Just be sure to wear comfy clothes because a lot of walking is involve during the tour inside the cave. It's good thing though there are walkways and handrails inside to help tourist move and walk around passageways. They also say that Crystal cave is a good place to beat the heat during summer season for the cave has natural air-conditioning! It is able to maintain a cool 54deg Fahrenheit temperature inside even during hot sunny days.

USA Pennsylvania Kutztown PA Crystal CaveDuring our visit in Crystal cave, there weren't much visitors around so we were able to enjoy the cave view. It can be too crowded sometimes so if you're planning to visit in groups, be sure to make reservation a week ahead to avoid hassles.

Aside from the cave, the place also has a miniature golfing, mining for gemstones, ice cream, a small food cafeteria and a gift shop where we grab a souvenir item. The cave is worth checking out if you're taking a route that passes it by for it is a good educational experience for family and friends.

USA Pennsylvania Kutztown PA Crystal Cave