CALIFORNIA: Legoland California

Legoland California
Legoland California is the third Legoland theme park that ever opened and the very first Legoland in the United States. Unlike the other big theme parks which are mostly located in bigger cities like Los Angeles and San Diego, Legoland is in Carlsbad, California so you can say that it is not that centrally located. Still, millions of people from around the world still flock this theme park all year round.

Legoland California Volvo XC90

Legoland theme-parks are probably the most unique kind of theme parks amongst other theme park giants out there. It is basically a combination of garden landscapes, local fair, and Lego artwork exhibits. No other place where you can walk around and look at masterpieces, Lego or not, and at the same time enjoy a collection of rides and attractions.

Legoland California Volvo XC90
Being a different kind of theme park, we noticed that Legoland is also attracting unique kinds of guests. We did not see much of the typical theme park enthusiasts, like yours truly, while we were here in Legoland California. The people that are trying to walk fast to the next attraction trying to experience and ride every single attractions possible are no where to be found. Enter the families that are walking leisurely taking their time as they looks around the creative figures that were all built with the plastic building blocks.

Legoland California Washington DC One of our favorite figure what was built with Legos is an actual size 1:1 scale Volvo XC90. You can see the the front and rear view of it on the pictures above.

The area where most of the people in the park spend most of their time in is Miniland USA. It is almost like a theme park within a theme park on its own. It is a miniature park with the figures obviously built with Lego bricks.

Legoland California New YorkFrom Las Vegas and Los Angeles, to Washington DC and New York, the imagination of the Lego miniature designers really has no limit.

Legoland California Coast CruiseAnother favorite attraction in Legoland California is the Coast Cruise. It is also the favorite of yours truly. It is a boat ride that happens right in the middle of the theme park where they have miniatures of the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Mount Rushmore and other iconic structures around the world.

Legoland California Splaash BattleIt is pretty obvious right when you walk in the park that it mainly target young kids. A lot of their attractions are interactive and more of a boardwalk games kind of style. One of the favorites of the young kids that we have noticed was the splash battle. It is in the Pirate Shores area of the park. It is a boat ride where riders are divided into two teams and their boats will be circling the course as they splash each other with water blasters.

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