National Monument Dam Square Amsterdam NetherlandsDam Square is one of the most visited place in Europe and arguably the most popular place in Netherlands. This is due to the collection of attractions surrounding Dam Square. It is full of historical landmarks, popular restaurants, museums, hotels and shopping malls. Near Dam Square are also other points of interests. It is near Amsterdam's Central Station, a few steps away from the Oude Kerk and Red Light District, and the main streets of the city of Amsterdam: Damrak, Damstraat, Kalverstraat, Nieuwendijk, and Rokin; all crosses or ends in Dam Square.

National Monument Dam Square Amsterdam Netherlands
National Monument
The main historic landmarks in Dam Square are the Royal Palace and the National Monument. The National Monument was built in memory of the victims of World War II. We were there 1st of May and we were informed that we were lucky that our tour wasn't scheduled on 4th of May because they will have a ceremony there commemorating the victims of World War II, which would make the Dam Square much more crowded.

Dam Square Amsterdam Netherlands
Royal Palace behind the Funfair booths
However, the day we were in Dam Square was the day after Queen's Day, so it was still pretty crowded than usual. This is due to the several attractions that pops up in Dam Square as part of their Funfair.

Dam Square Amsterdam NetherlandsThey usually have Funfairs the week of Queen's/King's Day and the Holiday Seasons. You can see some of the booths and attractions that were present in Dam Square when we were there in some of our pictures.

Dam Square Amsterdam Netherlands
De Bijenkorf Shopping Mall
The main shopping attraction in Dam Square is De Bijenkorf, which means "the beehive". This is a very upscale, classy mall mostly meant for luxury shoppers and full-on tourist-shoppers. There are small boutiques and stands near the area too for not-too-pricey shopping.