Geneva Switzerland Lake Geneva Jet d'Eau Geneva Water FountainThere is no question that the most prominent landmark and most known tourist attraction in Geneva is none other than Lake Geneva. All the main attractions and government and organization buildings are surrounding it.

Geneva Switzerland Lake Geneva Jet d'Eau Geneva Water FountainLake Geneva is just about a half-mile walk from Genève-Cornavin which is the main railway station in Geneva. Coming out of the station, you just need to get to the exit going towards Rue du Mont-Blanc and that street will bring you straight to Lake Geneva.

Geneva Switzerland Lake Geneva Jet d'Eau Geneva Water FountainAlong Rue du Mont-Blanc is also Geneva's Tourism Office where you can book tours and where you can buy the Geneva City Pass which gives you pretty good discounts in most tourist attractions. Buying the City Pass will also give you a free cruise in Lake Geneva.

Lake Geneva is pretty easy to find thanks to the Jet d'Eau or otherwise known as the Geneva Water Fountain.

Geneva Switzerland Lake Geneva Cruise
You can't miss Jet d'Eau or the Geneva Water Fountain because it shoots water 460 feet up the air. It is the most pictured attraction in Geneva making it Geneva's icon as much as the Eiffel Tower to Paris.

While in Geneva, cruising in Lake Geneva is definitely a must. It only takes about an hour so it won't take up much of your time even if you have a tight schedule.

Geneva Switzerland Lake Geneva CruiseAside from being relaxing and being able to enjoy the cold breeze, the cruise also offers some amazing views and scenery. Other than bringing you close to the Geneva Water Fountain, it also give you a good sight of the peak of the Alps. Seeing the array of buildings that surrounds Lake Geneva from the middle of the lake is also a great bonus.

Geneva Switzerland Square des AlpesThere are many parks to relax in around Lake Geneva but the one that we enjoyed the most is Square des Alpes. It is just right next to Square du Mont-Blanc.

Geneva Switzerland Square des Alpes

What makes Square des Alpes better than Square du Mont-Blanc in our opinion is its openness. Square du Mont-Blanc is surrounded buildings while the openness of Square des Alpes allows you to see Lake Geneva, the Geneva Water Fountain as well as the Alps.

Geneva Switzerland Square des Alpes

It was spring time when we were in Geneva and the flowers that surrounds Square des Alpes was at its best when we were there. The colors and the fragrance that surrounds the square made it really such an enjoyable walk.